Thank you for your participation in Kurotama Project's Remember3.11 at CRS on March 10th. We thank to your generous donation. A DVD of a dance piece which dedicated to Tohoku and donation of $430 were sent to the Iinokawa-daiichi elementary school.
Your interest and cooperation in this event were greatly appreciated.

Tohoku 東北

  • Place:CRS 123 4th Ave (between 12th & 13th St) 2nd Fl, New York, NY10003
  • Date & Time:Sunday, March 10th at 3PM
  • Suggested Donation:$30 (at the door cash only)
  • Reservation:Remember3.11 (*Seats are limited. Please make your reservation today!)

    for today and for tomorrow..

    Time goes by no matter what... but we remember that day. March 11, 2011. The day of the world was shaken by the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami.We'll get together, share thoughts and pass memories on to people and people.

    Kurotama Project invites you to a charity event "Remember 3.11".

    Please join us to the second anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Tohoku, Japan. The program includes a reading of our new project, "The Uniform" by Kobo Abe, letters from children of Tohoku and a dance video showing dedicates to Tohoku. A beautiful song “Tohoku” by Sizzle Ohtaka and children of Miyuki Modern Dance Company in Kanoya-City, Kagoshima, Japan show their support and love.

    The funds that donated from you will be sent to directory to the Iinokawa-daiichi elementary school in Ishinomaki-city, Miyagi, Japan.

    Thank you for your support!